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button creation for your website

create up to 10 buttons with 1 main theme so they all go for the same website. you have many different options for example color texture shadow height width and what is written on the button it has also
button creation
change template background color

change background color of website template on 1 page of template than you can copy the code on to the other pages yourself once you know it.
color background change
change background image

change background image on 1 template page or website page for you.
change background image
change background image on entire website

change background image for you on entire website can up to up to 30 different pages with 30 different images is optional
change background color for entire website

change background color for you on entire website can up to 30 different pages with 30 different colors
3 products purchased back up cd
3 products purchased on a back up cd for cheap price if purchased together or verified past customer with receipt of other 2 purchased can get the discounted price also
3 products cd backup
customized complete website creation
completely customized website design from scratch. domain name and hosting are extra but will help you set up. suggestion that you order your domain name for 3 to 5 years. can recormmend a hosting company. 1 java scripts, 1 css pages, up to 8 html pages are included in this purchase. Also included 2 banner designs, 1 logo design and 10 business cards, 1 contact us form written in php comes with complete install and customization and back up cd of everything purchased after it is completed questions about this purchase please look at questions and answer page or contact us
customized complete website creation
customized html webpage
1 customized html webpage with in reason i will code it up for you by hand. can include links text tables columns and much more
backgrounds images and just about anything you can think of. this includes content
any question call or contact us first
customized html page
customized website template redo

create an entire website for you editing and creating new colors and backgrounds and images for your website template to completely recreate it for you buttons are also included optional page counter and contactus php contact us form . does not include adding any content that is seperate price. this also includes a cd copy of your all work done for you shipped to your mailing address on file.
customized website template redo
install script for you less than 5 page script
install a script for you that is less than 5 pages for you on your server. there is a money back guarantee if i can not install it than you will get your install purchase price back to you. you do not have to purchase the script here in order to have us install a program/script. no .cgi programs at this time. any questions please look under the questions and answers or contact us

100% money back guarantee
install script less than 5 pages
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